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Performer Guidelines

Peekskill Farmers’ Market
Performer Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in participating with the Peekskill Farmers’ Market. We aim to provide fun, engaging, age-appropriate events to entertain Market shoppers. The overall goal is to bring more people to the Market and encourage them to stay longer.

We want to hear from you! We are very interested in having local businesses and community volunteers conduct a wide variety of activities, including crafts, yoga, cooking, and storytelling. Our overall goal is to create an atmosphere of a village green in the heart of Downtown Peekskill where neighbors can socialize over a shared interest in locally grown and sustainable food, physical and emotional well being, and children’s activities.

Events should tie-in to the farmers’ market theme while fostering a sense of community. Many market vendors will contribute food for food related events in exchange for acknowledgement of their contribution. We encourage and can facilitate these arrangements.

Peekskill is an arts community in Westchester County. We have a lively local music scene and host several outdoor music events during the year. Our Farmers’ Market attracts approximately 1,500-2,000 people on a typical Saturday, in large part because of our reputation for presenting great live music. So it is a great venue for established artists who love performing and want to reach a new audience.

We’ve been fortunate to play host to accomplished musicians including nationally touring acts, award winning songwriters, and recording artists with a large following.



Events should start around 10AM and run until 12PM. All performers must be present on site at least 1/2 hour before time of event. We will, to the best of our ability, ensure that the actual event start time is within 15 minutes of schedule.


Crowd management

Events focused on entertaining kids usually attract 20-50 children over the span of two hours. If your event is a show, plan for roughly 40 children, ages 2-8. If you are running an activity, plan for kids to participate for 10-30 minutes. With activities, please make sure that at least 10 children can participate at one time. You should be prepared to have an assistant with you to hand out flyers, build your mailing list, and supervise children. We don’t have a large team of volunteers so we can’t provide you with the extra staff that you might need.



We can provide mats, and a tent can be provided if requested at least a week in advance. Let us know if you’ll need any other supplies. It is possible that we can help you find what you need. We have access to an electrical outlet but there is no running water.

Promotional material

Many kids’ activity sponsors view the market as an effective marketing tool. We encourage you to bring business cards, flyers, and class descriptions.


We are always looking for exceptional talent and new genres. Some criteria to keep in mind:


  1. Because the quality of our performances can impact whether visitors stay or leave, musicians must have a measurable level of accomplishment and experience. This is not a venue for students or newcomers to gain stage experience. We ask for website links or CDs. If samples are unavailable, we can arrange to see a band perform at another professional venue.


  1. We look for quality, variety, stage presence, and Market-appropriateness. That means positivity, polish, and the ability to draw and keep a multigenerational crowd while maintaining a volume that allows vendors and visitors to conduct business. The decision whether or not to invite a performer is strictly that of the Market Manager and past inclusion is no guarantee of future booking.


  1. As a live music venue, all music in our series is 100% live. There are no karaoke or pre-recorded backing tracks allowed.


  1. Unless otherwise agreed to, performers will provide their individual musical instruments, collateral, equipment or other supplies. We will provide electricity, we have one amp, and a canopy tent can be provided if requested at least a week in advance. Our staff must be able to monitor sound levels and adjust the volume and mix so that it is comfortable for our Market’s shoppers and vendors.


  1. Along with a small stipend, performers are encouraged to sell CDs and merchandise, put out band literature, gather a mailing list, and of course put out a case for tips.


  1. We encourage you to promote your event. The cost of creating, printing and distributing posters and postcards is your responsibility. We will post your event on the following community calendars, our Market website and on our Facebook page.



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